FayeBirds (noun, plurals): those who embrace the concept of freedom, and aspire to inspire others by manifesting their dreams into realities. 


Welcome to a place where no dreams hide, where we become stories, where we become places.   I will be sharing with you the beautiful moments that life has to offer me, in hopes to remind you that living is one of the greatest gifts there is.   I encourage all of you to always nurture your inner child with a touch of buoyancy, a glimpse of fantasy, and a taste of the dreams we all once had.   Once you decide to chase realities and be mindful of the present, you will realize that day-dreaming is no longer an irrevocable condition. 

Here's to a life full of adventures, abundance, and most of all, freedom.


"Fly on proud birds, you're free at last."

(Lynyrd Skynyrd)